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Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys


"A Brighter Day" - Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial
Salt Lake Welcome

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Salt Lake First Stake Building

Early Salt Lake City was once a single stake with nineteen wards.
Utah State Historical Society

Although hundreds of scattered settlements were colonized by the mormon pioneers, Salt Lake City rapidly developed into a large, thriving community. In February 1849, about four thousand people lived in the valley. This growth led to the city’s division into nineteen ecclesiastical wards (congregations). 

Together these wards composed the Salt Lake Stake. This chapel is located in the Seventeenth Ward of the original Salt Lake Stake. When the Assembly Hall was first completed on Temple Square, stake meetings were held there. Today, this chapel serves as the Salt Lake Stake Center.

The modern Salt Lake Seventeenth Ward building.
David M. Whitchurch

In early Salt Lake history, each ward was responsible to construct its own building. The first meeting place for the Seventeenth Ward was a log building located across the street south of the present building. 

The Seventeenth Ward then erected a more permanent building, also situated across the street, directly southwest of this building. In 1904, when the Salt Lake Stake was divided into four separate stakes, the Seventeenth Ward remained a part of the original Salt Lake Stake.

This window was made by Tiffany’s of New York, 
producer of some of the finest stained-glass in nineteenth-century America.
James Sherman

God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to young Joseph Smith in the spring of 1820.
James Sherman

Detail of the stained-glass window depicting the First Vision, 
in which Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.
James Sherman

Brigham Young University Religious Education presents
Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys
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Brigham Young University Religious Education presents

Hallowed Ground

Sacred Journeys

featuring BYU Religious Educators teaching about sites significant to
The Church of Jesus Christ
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