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Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys


"A Brighter Day" - Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial
Salt Lake Welcome

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Salt Lake City: Ensign to the Nations
Written by John P. Livingstone, W. Jeffrey Marsh, Lloyd D. Newell,
Craig James Ostler, John P. Starrs, and David M. Whitchurch

When the Angel Moroni appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith, he described the Hill Cumorah.  Joseph would later say that when he got to the Hill Cumorah, "I knew the place the instant I arrived there, owing to the distinctness of the vision."

Oh, to be an angel; to be able to teach and to have someone see a vision while you taught. We can show a vision to those who have never seen these places. We can deliver the spirit of the Restoration through modern technology.
-John P. Livingstone

The Lord has blessed us so much with that technology, and it only seems appropriate that of those who have been given much, much is required.

And this seems to be one of those projects that we're required to do by using technology, to show the Lord that we're appreciative of the blessings that we've had with the technology that has been given to us.
-Craig J. Ostler

One of the most exciting things for me, working on this project is that I have an opportunity to watch people learn. And there is nothing greater, there is nothing better than to watch an individual come to a greater appreciation and understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And this particular project is a wonderful way in which to to do that.
-David M. Whitchurch

As a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am deeply moved by the sacrifice and work of the early Saints of the Restoration. I marvel at the commitment they had to follow the Lord by obeying His prophets and carving out a grand society in the desert western United States. They built a sure and strong foundation.

Upon that foundation Latter-day Saints today are asked to build a glorious future for our own children and for the entire world. It is important to remember and learn the lessons of the past and to share those lessons whenever and wherever we can as we build that future today.
-John P. Starrs

It is educational, it is to inform, it's to enlighten and inspire, yes.

It's to strengthen testimonies.

When you see these places, like Ensign Peak, and you think back to 1847, and what happened as the saints arrived here, and walked up on this peak and put out the ensign to the nations, that can't help but move you. Whether you're a multi-generation member of the Church, or you were baptized just last week, these are the sites that have made the Church, and made us members who we are today.
- Lloyd D. Newell

We stand on some pretty tall shoulders, and there have been great people who have gone before us.

But this is our day in the history of the Kingdom of God on the earth. And by studying the things they did in their day, and going to the places they were in their day, we can appreciate a lot more the responsibility that is ours in our own time.

The opportunity to go around and see the sites that have to do with the restoration, to see the sites that are critical to the restoration of the gospel are things that prophets have seen in vision, that ancient pioneers have experienced personally, and that we need to remember.
-W. Jeffrey Marsh

Brigham Young University Religious Education presents
Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys
Featuring BYU Religious Educators teaching about sites significant in
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
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Brigham Young University Religious Education presents

Hallowed Ground

Sacred Journeys

featuring BYU Religious Educators teaching about sites significant to
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints.

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